Sustainable UCL


Repair Cafe

28 February 2020, 11:00 am–4:00 pm

Students sewing on buttons and fixing holes in trousers

Mix, mingle and learn about the world of upcycling at our Repair Cafe.

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Sustainable UCL


Student Centre
Gordon Street


Just like the one we ran during Sustainability Week, you can bring along an item of clothing that is in desperate need of repair. 

We will provide needles and thread, buttons and sewing machines and show you how to make simple repairs and adjustments to any garment. For larger projects, such as, replacing a zip, please bring a matching zip along with you and we can get that jacket zipped back up!

You could even grab something at the Swap Shop, which is in the Student Centre on this day and we can tailor it to suit you.


This time, we are also inviting you to bring along small household electrical items that are broken, or on their last legs. This could be anything from a hairdryer to an alarm clock. Phones and laptops are unfortunately too complex for this Repair Cafe.

Please make sure of the following:

  • It is your own personal item and does not belong to someone else, such as your landlord or Halls of Residence.
  • The item is not still in warranty: if it is, the production company will fix it for free or replace it if it is beyond salvageable.

Not all things are fixable, or some need specialised parts that only the manufacturers can deliver, so we would like to warn you that some items might be dismantled only to prove impossible to re-mantle.


Don't forget, our regular Bike Maintenance and Sale will be back in the Front Quad Friday 28th too!


What a great day to be on campus! This is a chance to learn how to fix your stuff, reduce waste and unnecessary consumption. Plus, there will be free tea and coffee, but bring your own reusable cups as there will be no disposables here.