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Flight Free Webinar

26 August 2020, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Sky with clouds

During the pandemic, we have all had to get used to video conferencing tools and attending virtual events, and many of us are questioning how much of the travel that we used to do is truly essential.

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Sustainable UCL

Join us for this webinar on becoming flight free!  

We will kick off the webinar with an introduction on what we are doing at UCL to reduce our carbon footprint, from the Trees of Life initiative to compensate for your carbon emissions to the UCL-wide carbon offsetting scheme. This will be followed by a talk by Anna Hughes, Director of Flight Free UK, covering topics such as alternatives to flying and “green” flights. We will also address the potential of people-powered campaigns to influence political policy and industry.

Please note, this session will be recorded for others, both internal and external to UCL, to watch in their own time.  

Please register via this email address, you will then soon be sent a Teams calendar invite. 

About the Speaker

Anna Hughes

Director at Flight Free UK

Flight Free UK campaigns for a reduction in aviation, by increasing awareness of the climate impact of aviation and inspiring people to travel by other means. They run the 'flight free 2020' pledge, which asks people to take a year off flying as a way to inspire longer-term behaviour change and create a social movement away from taking flights.

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