Sustainable UCL


Design UCL's Future

How can UCL do better for the environment and people?

Where are we now?

Our first sustainability strategy was created in partnership with the UCL community back in 2013.  Since then we have climbed 63 places in the People and Planet University League to become a first class university, testimony to staff and students across campus working hard to teach, research and operate in a more sustainable way. To see some of our achievements to date see Our Progress page. 

New student centre

A new vision for sustainability at UCL

But is this enough?  UCL’s world leading research community is showing that we need to find solutions to live within our planetary limits and deliver social equality. What better place to find and test those solutions than here at UCL?  

We want to develop a shared sustainability vision for UCL, celebrating and integrating the breadth of activity around environmental and social responsibility issues currently taking place, and also collaborating beyond our community. Sustainability is a challenge and an opportunity for everyone.

Initial consultation with staff and students has led to three themes:

Sustainable literacy

UCL’s curriculum and courses provide an opportunity to enable our community to be globally responsible citizens and influence others beyond UCL. We want to support our students to solve real world challenges, increase the sustainability content in courses and train our staff and students to deal with a changing world.  

Getting the basics right

We will provide the infrastructure and sustainable alternatives to help our community make responsible choices, from more water fountains to simpler recycling and low carbon food choices.

Global research, local solutions

Our community is full of intelligent passionate people working on local and global challenges. We want to harness this expertise to solve sustainability challenges on campus.  UCL will be a testbed for anything from smart electricity grids to new plastic recycling methods.