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First Global Assessment of Air Pollution Legislation

There are few upsides to a global pandemic, but maintaining some of the benefits of improved air quality on respiratory health during lockdown might be one of them.

Report Cover

2 September 2021


Eloise Scotford

Prof Eloise Scotford (UCL) and Prof Delphine Misonne (USL-Bruxelles) have co-authored the 2021 UNEP report on ‘Regulating Air Quality: The First Global Assessment of Air Pollution Legislation’. The report outlines findings of the first study of air quality legislation in 194 countries and the European Union. Using the 2005 Air Quality Guidelines developed by the Word Health Organization as a starting point, the report examines the legal measures for determining whether air quality standards are being met and what legal obligations and processes exist for failure to meet them.

The report emphasizes that robust air quality governance is critical to attaining air quality standards and public health goals. This includes legislation for air quality control which integrates accountability, enforceability, transparency, and public participation. The report provides recommendations to assist countries in strengthening air quality governance and serves as a resource for countries wishing to effectively address air pollution and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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