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Bartlett students demand changes to the architecture curriculum

The Bartlett School of Architecture (BSA) has declared a climate and ecological emergency and demands students are taught how to reduce carbon emissions when building

Photograph of Bartlett

19 November 2019

With the built environment producing 40% of global CO2 emissions and contributing to habitat destruction and biodiversity loss, students of the Bartlett School of Architecture have demanded change in the curriculum of architecture schools, so that students are taught how to reverse catastrophic biodiversity loss, climate and ecological breakdown, associated social and environmental injustice, and mass extinction of nature.

The declaration is a response to an open letter written by UCL student, Barney Iley Williamson that called upon changes to the architecture curriculum.

Over 2000 signatories were gained worldwide with directors across building design schools responding positively.

In order to contribute towards building an ethical, equitable, healthy, biodiverse, fair and globally prosperous future, BSA has initiated the following:

  • A Citizen's Assembly - a working group of staff and students to explore how architectural education and research can avert catastrophic climate change and irreversible biodiversity loss
  • A voluntary register of intent for each of the school's teaching, research and administrative streams to record their actions and strategies in response to the declaration
  • Transparency in the academic, operational and social changes delivered as a school and direction in upcoming years

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