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The Loop

Purchasing and consumption can have far reaching impacts; production drives natural resource depletion and poor working conditions, whilst waste disposal pollutes natural habitats. As a leading university, we are rethinking our behaviours to address unsustainable consumption. We want to choose products that are best for people and planet – as a result, we’re aiming to reduce waste per person by 20% by 2024 and become a single-use plastic free university.
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Recycling and Waste

We are working towards an 85% recycling rate. See how we'll achieve this and help UCL keep waste in #TheLoop.

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Plastic-free UCL

UCL will be a single-use plastic-free campus by 2024. Find how we will make disposable items a thing of the past.

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Our aim is to reduce waste per person by 20% by 2024, consuming less by reducing, reusing, repairing and sharing. Find out how.

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Buying for People and Planet

We are committed to understanding our supply chains and working towards greater transparency. See how you can be a responsible buyer.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Engagement

UCL recognises that in order to achieve its ambitious sustainability objectives, we need our partners and suppliers to be on board. See our collaborations.

Modern Day Slavery

Modern Slavery

Central to “The Loop”  is taking drastic and innovative steps to address and minimise slavery and exploitation throughout our supply chain. See what actions we are taking.

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Our leading researchers are tackling our own impacts and demonstrating that change is possible.