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Blackouts prevention and solutions through multi-disciplinary techniques (B-PAS)


  • Dr. Catalina Spataru  (UCL Energy Institute)

Main collaborator:

  • Dr. Hervé Borrion  (Department of Security and Crime Science)

Additional collaborators:

  • Dr. Ivan Wall (Department of Biochemical Engineering)
  • Prof. Perry Elliott, (Young Institute of Cardiovascular Science)
  • Dr. Pier Lambiase (Cardiology Department Heart Hospital)

This project aims to develop new techniques for managing the risk of power blackouts in emerging energy grids. Healthcare, security and financial systems across the world depend on reliable power supplies, which are vulnerable to disturbance from natural hazards and technological failure.

This project aims to understand how complex systems react to disturbances, to support improved forecasting and contingency planning by drawing on power engineering, energy, mathematics, medicine, operational research and security, to develop new approaches to modelling power blackouts.

Two workshops with experts from a range of different disciplines will enable us to understand why systems fail and what we can learn from different systems. Collaborators will co-author a research paper aimed at wider academic dissemination.