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Behaviour change: reducing waste


  • Prof. Susan Michie (Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology)

Main collaborator:

  • Richard Jackson (UCL Estates)

Additional collaborators:

  • Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
  • UCL Human Resources
  • UCL Union

Our study will bring together environmental expertise and behavioural science to investigate how people can be encouraged to reduce the amount of waste they produce, choose reusable rather than disposable products, and recycle their rubbish.

The study will investigate current waste trends and a survey to understand the factors that affect our likelihood to recycle or throw away our rubbish. This will be the basis of co-designing a prototype intervention with a building users group established for this purpose. This study will produce a prototype intervention, outcome measures and a building users group that is planned to lead to a subsequent pilot of implementing the intervention and evaluating its impact in a controlled trial to pilot the methods and feasibility of a controlled trial and methods for measuring the impact of the intervention.