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Anaerobic Digestion for Small Scale Urban Farming


  • Dr Luiza Campos (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

Main collaborator:

  • Dr Graham Woodgate (Institute of the Americas)

Additional Collaborators

  • Dr Paola Lettieri (Chemical Engineering)
  • Ilan Adler (PhD Student, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)
  • Marco Lizzul (EngD student, Centre for Urban Sustainability & Resilience)
  • Professor Nicos Ladommatos (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr Paul Hellier (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr Will McDowall (Energy Institute)
  • BioBolsa. Mexican company that manufactures the bio-digesters.
  • Hackney City Farm, London
  • Surrey Docks Farm, London

London produces approximately 1.3 million tonnes of organic waste per year. The application of anaerobic digestion is one of the most promising ways to reduce the impact this waste has upon the environment. However, there are considerable problems with many conventional anaerobic digester systems, particularly regarding cost effectiveness and affordability at smaller scale.

The project aims to show that these low cost bio digesters can be used to treat organic waste within urban areas, with the benefit of reducing CO2 emissions from refuse collection vehicles. The digester also adds value to the waste treatment process by simultaneously producing biogas for combustion and liquid fertiliser for use by the farm and local gardeners.