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Effects of Behaviour Change Messaging on Reducing Lift Usage


  • Dr Shepley Orr (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

Main collaborator:

  • Richard Jackson (Estates and Facilities)

Additional collaborators

  • Kristy Revell (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

This project tests a hypothesis about the influence of different types of messaging on individual behaviour. We will compare the effectiveness of different types of messaging on lift usage in matched buildings at UCL. This work draws on the psychological literature covering “self-determination” and the behavioural economics literature on “motivational crowding theory”.

We wish to see whether messages about reducing energy consumption are more or less effective than those that highlight individual health benefits. The different messages focus on either environmental (moral) or health (self-interested) benefits. The conflict between individual and collective interests represents an important motivational distinction, and is important to take into account when planning messages for behaviour change in the environmental realm.

Data will be collected for each lift before, and after, introducing the messaging. Before and after data will also be collected for a control site.