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Collaborative Self-Build Housing in Germany: Lessons for England


  • Prof. Nick Gallent (Bartlett School of Planning)

Main collaborator:

  • John Kelsey (Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management)

Additional Collaborators

  • Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin (Bartlett School of Planning)
  • Prof. Wulf Daseking (University of Freiburg)

This project examines the barriers and opportunities for collaborative self-build housing in England by scrutinising the experiences of households and policy makers in the southern German cities of Freiburg and Tübingen. In these cities, the collaborative build schemes have become synonymous with the environmental sustainability credentials of well known new neighbourhoods including Vauban and Rieselfeld.

The collaborative build concept has recently gained traction in the UK, against the backdrop of a long term shortfall in housing supply. The UK government declared its ambition to significantly increase the volume of housing delivered by the self build sector. Unfortunately there are a number of barriers including land availability, lack of finance products for group schemes and a lack of awareness.

The project will have two phases. In the first phase Iqbal Hamiduddin will undertake the empirical research in Germany with former director of planning in Freiburg, Wulf Daseking. The second phase will focus on impact, an interim report will form the basis for a one day round table seminar at UCL with primed representatives from central and local government and industry.

A final project report, user-friendly advice note to local government and would-be builders, and at least one peer-reviewed article will be produced.