Imagining the Future City: London 2062

The following videos feature interviews with the editors and some of the authors from Imagining the Future City, the book based on the London 2062 series.

Editors' introduction

Is London turning into a city where football clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea run schools, Londoners commonly convert their roofs into "micro-farms" and people are subject to separate migration laws to the rest of the UK?

Building for climate change

Sofie Pelsmakers (UCL Environment Institute) explores how London can prepare buildings for climate change predictions. Existing building stock will need to be retrofitted and flood-appropriate buildings and square should be built.

Smart London

Dr Ed Manley (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) explores how data modelling could look in 50 years, based on the trends of data collection now. This modelling allows researchers to understand and predict any disruptions of systems like London's transport networks. 

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