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Urban Pamphleteer #2

Urban Pamphleteer 2 Regeneration

Regeneration Realities

Regeneration Realities is the second in the Urban Pamphleteer Series (following Future and Smart Cities). The series, from the UCL Urban Laboratory, draws on the history of radical pamphleteering to stimulate debate and instigate change.

Once again it features some of the best thinkers on urban issues:

Duncan Bowie, Emma Dent Coad, Howard Read, Loretta Lees, David Roberts, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Stephanie Butcher, Paul Watt, Isaac Marrero- Guillamón, Alberto Duman, Martine Drozdz, Phil Cohen, Ben Campkin, Michael Edwards and isik.knutsdotter.

This issue was edited by Ben Campkin, David Roberts and Rebecca Ross, and designed by Guglielmo Rossi. It is produced with financial support from the UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities.

Download Urban Pamphleteer Issue 2

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