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Urban Water Poverty

Public Panel Discussion and Expert Symposium

To mark the mid-point of the international decade of ‘Water for Life’ and the last five years of the Millennium Development Goals, the UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities held a public panel discussion and an expert symposium on the topic of urban water poverty. 

A range of perspectives has been published in a special issue of the ‘International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development’.

Download a summary of the events (pdf) and the expert presentations:


Water Scarcity in Cyprus

Glass half empty? Urban water poverty halfway through the Decade of Water for Life

Tackling Water Shortage by using Solvent Extraction for Efficient Desalination
The role of urban agriculture within the urban metabolism – a critical perspective
  • Dr William Burgess (pdf)
  • Dr Karen Hudson-Edwards (pdf)
  • Dr Richard Rheingans (pdf)
  • Pascale Hofmann (pdf)
  • Timeyin Uwejamomere (pdf)
  • Dr Pushpa Arabindoo (pdf)
  • Reid Cooper (pdf)
  • Dr Barbara Penner (pdf).

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