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UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

Cities – now home to more than half the world’s population- face complex and systemic problems. UCL is concerned with contributing to urban sustainability in the spheres of, for example, ecology, aesthetics, health, economics, culture, equity and intellect.

Our great strengths are the variety of prisms through which we can examine the sustainability of cities and the range of methodologies with which we can bring about change.

Across our disciplines members of the UCL community all have significant contributions to make. We seek to build on existing work, to enhance and integrate it, and to maximise its impact – through working together.

Latest News

Rethinking Transport Appraisal

Rethinking Transport Appraisal

This seminar series brought together a range of international experts to consider the future of transport appraisal, the methods used to justify and prioritise investment in transport plans.

 You can view videos of both events:

  1. Critically Examining the Current Approaches
  2. Developing the Approaches to Transport Appraisal

Urban Alchemy Launch

Pile of Urban Alchemy Books

Urban Alchemy, a book based on the small grant "Deconstructing Demolition: Journeys through scrap and salvage", was launched June 24th 2015 in UCL Construction welfare canteen.

You can find pictures from the launch here

Adapting to Climate Change

French Embassy Logo

June 2nd 2015 saw UCL and the French Embassy in London hold a workshop to discuss the future of climate change adaptation. The focus was on the plans that London and Paris have in place to adapt to the risks of climate change.

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