Sustainable Building Design


BENVGEEH Sustainable Housing Design Principles

Wilkins CFD

A brief summary of the course contents:

The module will equip students with a rounded background in the principles of sustainable housing design and will focus on producing new, sustainable housing in different climates. Students will consider what sustainability means, how different climates affect designs and also how to overcome barriers that prevent schemes from becoming successful.

The module will be self contained and be suitable for students from other faculties who need to have a strong theoretical background in this area, and especially for the new MSc Housing Development, the module provides a path for current and prospective housing professionals to specialise before their dissertation.

Confirmed module takers will receive a copy of The Environmental Design Pocketbook, by Sofie Pelsmakers which will be used as a reference textbook, (subject to conditions of registration being met).

Summary of the method of delivery:

A series of ten lectures with workshops and site visits.

Aims of the module?

To introduce students to the latest techniques, and research on how to design, build and operate sustainable housing throughout the world.

Intended learning outcomes?

Students will be able to:

- Understand the principles of sustainable housing design for different climates

- Be able to use analytical tools to help design a sustainable housing scheme proposal

- Critically assess sustainable housing scheme proposals from others

Understand the role of the occupant in a successful housing scheme

Assessment: 3000 Word Report

Module Leader:

Dr Ben Croxford (UCL IEDE)

Last updated October 2017