Clinical examples

Examples of clinical situations where the skills gained in this course can be used

1.   Is smoking cessation advice useful?

2.    Do fruits and vegetables prevent cancer?

3.    Is vaccinating adolescent girls against human papilloma virus useful in preventing cervical cancer?

4.    Should the Government fund the use of Herceptin for patients with breast cancer?

5.    How reliable are urine dipstick tests in the detection of urinary tract infection?


6.    What is the best antibiotic in the treatment of MRSA infection?

7.    Surgical treatment versus conservative treatment for Achilles tendon injury.

8.    Should steroids be given in the treatment of patients with traumatic spinal fractures?

9.    What is the likelihood of cancer in a patient with a cyst in the liver?

10.   Is diagnostic laparoscopy better than CT scan in patients with suspected appendicitis?