Surgical Science

Facilities & Support Services

Assessment of Cardiovascular Devices Laboratories

Key contact: Prof. Alexander Seifalian


The Division has extensive research and regulatory experience in the development and assessment of medical devices, number of devices already commercialised, including, bypass graft, biological glue, implantable pump and medical imaging software. The laboratories have stat of art facilities for assessment of:

  • Mechanical testing of implant
  • Biological testing of implant
  • clinical investigation
  • State-of-the-art techniques for assessment of cardiovascular system. i.e. effect of drugs
  • Mathematical modelling for development of medical devices

Advanced Nanomaterials Laboratory (ANL)

Key contact: Dr Arnold Darbyshire

This laboratory has been set up with state-of-art polymer synthesis facility. It has developed and patented a family of nanocomposite polymer for biomedical application. These are non-biodegradable materials for medical devices as well as biodegradable polymers for tissue engineering. Equipment includes, viscometer, rheometer, FTIR, Instron material tester, and UV surface modification of materials.

Peptides synthesiser lab 

Key contact: Dr Bala Ramesh

This laboratory equipped with automatic peptides synthesiser, HPLC, other chemistry facilities for the attachment of peptides to polymer.

Stem Cells Technology Advanced Research (STAR) Laboratory – This lab is jointly managed by Dr Kevin Sales & Mr Geoff Punshon

The work carried out in this laboratory is based on application of stem cells in development of organs, as well as cancer treatment. Specialising in adult stem cells, we are able to isolate stem cells from a variety of adult sources and are currently expanding the techniques to include umbilical cord stem cells. The laboratory is equipped with RT-PCR, confocal microscopy, intravital microscopy, and western blotting.

In vivo experimental laboratories

Key contact - Prof Alexander Seifalian

This is state-of-art laboratories, with the latest equipment for in vivo assessment of medical devices as well as research into diagnostic and treatment of cancer. The facilities in this laboratories include, laser Doppler imager, Near Infrared Spectroscopy for assessment of intracellular oxygenation, and intravital microscopy with dynamic recording.

Molecular biochemistry laboratory 


Key contact -  Dr Shi Yu Yang

This lab comprises of many state-of–art facilities such as Real Time PCR, Gel DOC system, Gene Spec-I Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated micro centrifuge, PCR express, Western blotting amenities etc. Many molecular biology researches such as gene clone, protein expression, molecular diagnostic study, Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization works are carried out in this lab. Lab manager, Dr. Shi Yu Yang, is an expert on Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) signaling and its medical applications. He has successfully cloned a growth factor- MGF.

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