Academic Centre for Clinical Orthopaedics

Director: Professor Alister Hart

Deputy Director: Mr Andrew Goldberg OBE

The Academic Centre for Clinical Orthopaedics (ACCO) brings together one of the largest collection of orthopaedic surgeons, basic scientists, statisticians, methodologists and clinical trialists in Europe.

The Unit works hand in hand with the R&D Department at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to provide clinical and research governance to the wealth of clinical projects emanating from UCL and the RNOH.

These include randomised controlled trials in cartilage transplantation and of other surgical treatments such as Ankle Replacement versus Ankle Fusion. In addition, it runs several advanced therapy trials  (ATMPs) in regenerative medicine, such as mesenchymal stem cells in a fracture non-union model (PACINO), or in Achilles Tendinopathy (ASCAT)

ACCO is also home to the London Implant Retrieval Centre (LIRC) which is leading the way in understanding how best to improve the performance of hip replacements.

The Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine Steering Group (MRSG), is a partnership between academia, the NHS and industry typifying the academic health sciences centre model.

The ACCO also leads at an international level on several areas of research, in particular in:

  • The London Implant Retrieval Centre (LIRC) - An independent clinical research centre helping surgeons and patients understand why metal-on-metal hip replacements fail.
  • Cartilage Repair -cartilage transplantation and development of new models of repair including novel biomaterials including Chondron (RMS Innovations UK)
  • Metabolic Bone Disease - relationship between subchondral bone and osteoarthritis; Drug exposure in utero; Vitamin D metabolism in osteoarthritis; and prevention of bone loss following spinal injury; pharmaceutically sponsored trials for novel agents in the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis, Paget's disease and osteoarthritis.
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury - brachial plexus injury; Nerve tumours; Palliative upper limb surgery after central nervous lesion; and injuries to the lumbo-sacral plexus
  • Development of new implants - eg intraosseous transamputation prosthesis (iTap) and the growing prosthesis in association with Stanmore Implants Worldwide
  • Surgical Outcomes - an extensive programme of health service research into outcomes following surgery also linked to UCL CHAPTER which combines electronic health records with other forms of research data to unlock better healthcare

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