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Medical Innovation & Enterprise BSc / MSci

Medical Innovation & Enterprise BSc / MSci

Medical advances are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This course aims to create medical scientists who are not only familiar with the latest scientific advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease (e.g. regenerative medicine, precision medicine, stem cell therapy, imaging and nanomedicine), but also with the knowledge of how to translate these advances into clinical realities. Ideally situated within Faculty of Medical Science, where world-leading scientists will actively involve students in their innovate medical research, the course also draws upon expertise the School of Management and the Faculty of Laws, who will provide expert insight on how medical discovery is translated into commercial products (including topics on entrepreneurship, business, intellectual property, health regulation and marketing). 

The spirit of enterprise and active learning are entrenched within the course, together with close industrial links to allow first hand expertise in the commercialisation of medical technologies. Students will develop transferable intellectual, entrepreneurial and problem solving skills that will make them attractive to employers from a wide range of biotech/medical industries, innovation, medical regulation and academia. Or perhaps you’ll want to start-up your own medical innovation company?

The programme aims to give students a significant medical orientation to the scientific principles underpinning sport, exercise, physical activity and inactivity, as well as potential risks such as injuries. 

If yes to the below then this could be the course for you!

  • Interested in Medical Innovations that are revolutionising the way we treat disease?
  • Interested in translating these innovative medical technologies into patients?
  • Interested in developing business acumen within a translational medical technological field?
  • Want a course with the flexibility to venture into more business or medical innovation areas?

Year 1- Core

  • BAMS1001 Foundations in Health and Disease 0.5
  • BAMS1002 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function in Health and Disease 0.5
  • BAMS1003 The Gut, Liver and Drug Metabolism 0.5
  • BAMS1004 Kidneys, Hormones and Fluid Balance 0.5
  • BAMS1005 Infection, Inflammation and Repair 0.5
  • BAMS10XX Musculoskeletal systems in health & disease 0.5
  • BAMS1006 Data Interpretation and Evaluation of Science 0.5
  • SURG1M01 (NM) Medical Innovation & Enterprise I 0.5

Year 2 Core

  • BAMS2001 Molecular Basis of Disease 0.5
  • BAMS2002 Techniques in Molecular Medicine 0.5
  • MSIN6001B Understanding Management 0.5
  • ORTH3004 Research methodology 0.5
  • SURG2002 Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (TERM) 0.5
  • SURG2M01 (NM) Medical Innovation & Enterprise II 0.5

Year 2 Optional modules (choice of 2)

  • BAMS2004 Pharmacology & Drug Action 0.5
  • BAMS2010 Introduction to Clinical Trials 0.5
  • BAMS2011 An introduction to applied genomics 0.5
  • BAMS2012 Cancer Biology & Therapeutics 0.5
  • MSIN7008 Entrepreneurship theory and practice 0.5
  • HPSC2006 Science and Ethics 0.5
  • BAMS1008 Functional Anatomy & Medical Imaging 0.5

Year 3 Core

  • BAMS3011 Nanomedicine 0.5
  • BAMS3010 Stem cell therapies 0.5
  • SURG3M01 (NM) Medical Innovation & Enterprise III 1.0
  • SURG3M03 (NM) Research in Medical Innovation Science 1.0

Year 3 Optional modules (choice of 2)

  • SURGGN02 Practical cell-material interactions 0.5
  • BAMS3013 Precision Cancer Medicine 0.5
  • BAMS3011 Cancer Clinical Trials 0.5
  • SURG3M02 (NM) Materials in Medicine 0.5
  • MSI3G07 Entrepreneurship finance 0.5
  • MSI7017 Global Entrepreneurship 0.5
  • MS1N7016 Managerial accounting for decision making 0.5
  • MSIN3101 Strategic project management 0.5
  • MSIN3014 Patents & intellectual property (IP) for innovators, entrepreneurs & managers 0.5

Year 4 (Msci only)

  • SURG4M01 (NM) Advanced Research in Medical Innovation Science 1.5
  • SURG4M02 (NM) Medical Innovation Business Consultancy 1.0

Year 4 Optional modules (choice of 3)

  • SURGGS03 Surgical Oncology 0.5
  • SURGGN05 Applied Biomaterials 0.5
  • MSING010 Building High Impact Ventures 0.5
  • MSING016 Strategic Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures 0.5
  • SURGGR04 Biomechanics for assistive technologies 0.5
  • SURGGR03 Assistive Technology Devices & Rehabilitation Robotics 0.5
  • SURGGH03 Transplantation Science 0.5
  • SURGGR05 Inclusive Design and Human-Machine Interfaces 0.5
Programme Administrator Stephanie McColl s.mccoll@ucl.ac.uk 020 7679 6248
Programme Lead  Dr Gavin Jell  g.jell@ucl.ac.uk 020 7431 4934