UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Centre for Molecular Intervention (COMET)

Head: Dr Hayley Whitaker

The UCL Centre for Molecular Intervention (COMET) acts as a translational bridge between the basic lab science and clinical practice. COMET aims to develop molecular markers for diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of diseases, in particular cancer. We also aim to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind novel biomarkers thus promoting their development as targeted therapeutics. The Centre uses state of the art genomic tools alongside automated histology, molecular biology and biochemical techniques.

COMET is currently composed of two groups led by Dr. Hayley Whitaker and Dr. Rifat Hamoudi that work closely together to meet the aims of the Centre.

Research Focus

  • Understand the function and mechanism of action in cancer cells. 
  • Identify, validate and develop novel biomarker pipelines.
  • Prioritise exciting targets for development of therapeutics for cancer.

Current research projects

    Contact us: hayley.whitaker@ucl.ac.uk

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