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PRORAFT Study Information



Study Title: A Prospective Development Study evaluating Focal Therapy using EncageTM coiled bipolar radiofrequency ablation in Men with Localised Prostate Cancer

Short Title: ProRAFT – Radiofrequency Ablation Focal Treatment.

Current treatments for early prostate cancer use radiation or surgery to treat the whole prostate.  This can cause damage to surrounding structures that control erections and urine flow and can also damage the back passage.  This leads to leakage of urine, poor sexual function and back passage bleeding, discomfort and diarrhoea.  The group has shown that treating only the areas of cancer with heat, cold, or laser-light, can lead to a low rate of these side-effects.  The cancer control rates, however, can vary and are not consistent. The group believes they can do better by using a different type of technology called EncageTM, a coiled radiofrequency based bipolar device.  This new type of treatment might be more precise and better-controlled for prostate treatment than others the group have used.  However, the group must test these characteristics properly within a clinical trial. If it is found to be of value, this treatment could reduce the burden of side-effects that men currently face.

The ProRAFT study is now closed.

Sponsor: University College London

Funder: TROD Medical, Belgium.

ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT02294903