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PLiS Trial Information

Study Full Title: Evaluation of Chemical Elements Content in Semen and Expressed Prostatic Secretions in the Diagnosis and Characterisation of Prostate Cancer

Short title: Prostate Liquid Study (PLiS)

Acronym: PLiS

A biomarker is a molecular substance that is an indicator of a biological condition.  Cambridge Oncometrix believe that a semen biomarker may be able to predict the presence of prostate cancer. This study will allow work to be carried out on semen samples donated by men who have been identified by their GPs as having a risk of prostate cancer. Normally, GPs refer men with symptoms or a raised PSA to hospital to have an MRI scan and a biopsy.

The PLiS research team at the hospital, will contact potential patients, who have been referred by their GPs, before they have an MRI or a biopsy, ask them if they are willing to be part of the study, consent them and ask them to provide a semen sample. Semen samples will be produced by the potential participants at home into a seminal fluid collection container, they will also complete a study questionnaire.  Both the sample and questionnaire will be returned to the central laboratory in Cambridge using the stamped address envelope provided.

In addition to providing a semen sample and completing a questionnaire, each participant will have two blood tests to measure male hormones.  Participants then exit the trial and their usual care carries on from this point.

The PLiS study will register 400 men and of these it is hoped that 300 of them will be able to a provide semen sample.

Sponsor:  University College London (UCL)

Funder:  Cambridge Oncometrix Ltd (Haverhill, UK)