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International Collaborations

The Head & Neck Academic Centre is proud to support collaborative educational events from around the globe. Please see current projects we are involved with.

Please see our international head and neck webinar programme brought to you in conjunction with Project Harar and the Yekatit-12 Medical College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Date/TimeTitle / RegistrationSpeaker(s)LocationStatusPasscode
31 MAR 19:30 (GMT)Contemporary surgical management of parotid diseaseProf. M McGurkUCL, LondonClick here to view lecture - available until 30 Apr 2021f34V$cX3
28 APR 19:30 (GMT)Alternative management of odontogenic lesions in mandible and maxillaMr. V PatelGSTT, LondonOpen 
26 MAY 19:30 (GMT)30 years of experience with the submental flap for facial recon in Europe and AfricaProf. D MartinMarseille, FranceOpen 
30 JUN 19:30 (GMT)Head & Neck Recon following severe burn injuriesMr. S WatsonGlasgow, UKa/w opening 
28 JUL 19:30 (GMT)The microsurgical mangament of NomaMr. A SchmidtGermanya/w opening 
25 AUG 19:30 (GMT)Setting up a micosurgical service in Ghana

Mr. S Watson

Mr. O Ampormah

Glasgow, UK

Ghana, Africa

a/w opening 
29 SEP 19:30 (GMT)Advaces in cleft lip and palate surgery

Prof. M Eschete

Dr. F Almas

Ethiopia, Africa


a/w opening 
27 OCT 19:30 (GMT)Ear reconstructionMr. K StewartEdinburgh, UKa/w opening