UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science



Innovation runs strong through the Centre for Perioperative Medicine (CPOM).

For over 20 years there has been formal collaboration between UCL and the multi-national, medical devices company Smiths Medical. In 2013 this forward-thinking joint venture launched the Smiths-UCL Discovery Lab, in which the worlds of clinical research and industry work together to advance the development of promising medical innovations. The close relationship with Smiths Medical gives clinicians and researchers at UCL the opportunity to discuss projects with industry, even within the highly speculative early stages of development. This fosters a unique environment to expedite the progression of products from inception to the bedside.

As well as providing engineering expertise, Smith Medical funds a medical innovation fellow to work under the supervision of the Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Professor Monty Mythen. Previous Innovation Fellows have all gone on to consultant jobs at UCLH and further afield.

Although most projects focus on devices with a primary role in the critical care environment, there is substantial scope for use in other healthcare settings. Areas of particular interest include novel technology for airway management, temperature control, perioperative dehydration and intravenous infusion.

Currently, this group holds international patents on several innovative medical devices that have great potential to positively impact patient care. It is essential that medical innovation is developed through a strong academic-clinical-industry partnership, such as that offered at the Centre for Perioperative Medicine  (CPOM) and the Discovery Lab, to ensure worthy projects gain traction, support and success. If you are interested in spending time working with Professor Mythen and the UCL innovation team please drop us a line m.mythen@ucl.ac.uk