UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Centre for Nanomedicine and Surgical Theranostics (CNS)

The Centre carries out translational multidisciplinary research on nanomedicine and targeted therapy and diagnostics of solid cancers and diseased lesions.

Head: Prof. Sandy MacRobert
Deputy Head: Prof. Nikolitsa Nomikou

Professor Sandy MacRobert is the Head of Centre which comprises groups led by Principal Investigators drawn from laboratory and surgical disciplines working alongside postdoctoral, graduate researchers and students. To foster our interdisciplinary approach we maintain strong collaborative links with other departments within UCL including Chemistry, School of Pharmacy and Engineering.

  • New nanotechnology tools for surgical oncology to enable improved intraoperative imaging and targeted therapy. Treatment of infections using nanoparticles with anti-microbial properties.
  • Investigation of ablative techniques for surgery (eg ultrasound, near-IR irradiation, cryotherapy) and their combination with chemotherapy as adjuvants to surgery.
  • Development of tumouroid 3D in vitro cultures of cancer, which mimic the composition and architecture of solid tumours as platforms for testing therapeutics and stratified medicine.
  • Clinical trials in surgical oncology and renal cancer ablation and diagnostics.

The research facilities include 3D model fabrication and culture of primary cells for cancer, nanoparticle manufacture, reactive oxygen species detection using time-resolved spectroscopy, high power laser irradiation, ultrasound delivery, thermal imaging, NIR imaging, X-ray fluorescence imaging, Monte-Carlo simulation modelling.

Current research funding is drawn from the EPSRC, MRC, Innovate UK, British Council, NIHR and charitable sources. We also work closely with industrial partners, for example nanoparticle testing in experimental cancer models.


Sandy MacRobert

Marilena Loizidou

Maxine Tran

Nikolitsa Nomikou

Elnaz Yaghini

Hazel Welch

Bala Ramesh

Katerina Stamati

Mohammad Eddama

Rijan Gurung

Joana Neves

Fabiola Sciscione

Kate Ricketts (Bloomsbury)

Honorary staff:

Axel Bex

Pilar Acedo Nunez

Rifat Hamoudi

Muneer Ahmed

Jajini Varghese


Professional Services staff

Departmental administrator: Chau Chong

Teaching administrators: Julie Cheek, Zoe Lau, Stephanie McColl, Edd Charnley

Finance administrators: Rashika Rupasinghe

Technical staff: Heike Lee-Muller, Evelin Karageorgiou, Katerina McCann

Teaching Fellow: Amy Yutong Li