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MoRe-T2: Mobility Research Trajectory Tracker


In this project (funded by UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing) we developed a low-cost tool (MoRe-T2) that uses standard webcams or CCTV cameras to track the trajectories of people, wheelchairs and scooters in an accessibility and mobility research environment.

Custom printed QR-type codes (on ordinary paper) are attached to participants, mobility devices or any objects of interest that allows us to generate rich and precise datasets. MoRe-T2 is currently deployed in both PAMELA and the Aspire Create lab, where it continues to be used to evaluate wheelchair interfaces. We are releasing the open-source code, which is freely available from https://github.com/ceezeh/more_t2.git . Further documentation and utilities will be made available in due course.For further information and to refer to this work, please see / cite:

MoRe-T2 has also been used in the following publications