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ADAPT Project

INTERREG France (Channel) England ERDF

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The ADAPT project started in January 2017. It is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the INTERREG VA France (Channel) England programme. It gathers 16 partners around two major social and economic issues. 8 partners come from France and 8 from England. ADAPT stands for Assistive Devices for empowering disAbled People through robotic Technologies. The project focuses on four main topics:

  • Smart and connected Electrical Powered Wheelchair (EPW) to compensate for user disabilities through driving assistance technologies and report users' health through connection with Internet. This system will benefit severely disabled users and enable health professionals to monitor changes in user health.
  • EPW Simulator platform using virtual reality. This will give the user an immersive experience of the Smart and Connected EPW and train them to drive in everyday life. Professionals will assess the suitability of the EPW for particular patients and environments and gain understanding of the user perspective.
  • Training of healthcare professionals in AT/SAR. This novel training provision addresses a gap in the current healthcare education. Project platforms will be captured in training protocols for the benefit of users and healthcare providers.
  • Formalized agreements between research institutions and companies built through 20 events ranging from local to international meetings for promoting and disseminating ADAPT’s results, creating synergies, identifying points of convergence for common studies so as to boost R&D and favour the spread of innovative ADAPT's AT/SAR to the market.

UCL's primary contributions to the project are around the "adaptive shared control" algorithms that will provide appropriate assistance to users of smart electrically powered wheelchairs. For full details, please see the ADAPT project website.

Expected Results

  • A prototype Smart Wheelchair that intergrates UCL's "Shared Control" framework to assit users in driving safely and effectively.

  • Scientific publications detailing our experiments and results

  • Dissemination of our results through both academic conferences and meetings of professional bodies.

Resultant Publications