UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Meet The Team

Meet the team that contribute towards the Head & Neck Academic Centre

Meet The Team

Mark McGurk UCL Headshot

Professor Mark McGurk

Consultant Surgeon, OMFS

Gus Alusi - UCL Headshot

Professor Ghassan Alusi

Consultant Surgeon, ENT

Education Board
Paul Simpson - UCL Headshot

Mr Paul Stimpson

Consultnt Surgeon, ENT

Safina Ali - UCL Headshot

Ms Safina Ali

Consultant Surgeon, ENT

Jonathan Hughes Headshot

Mr Jonathan Hughes

Consultnt Surgeon, ENT

Yogesh Bhatt - UCL_Headshot

Mr Yogesh Bhatt

Consultnt Surgeon, ENT

Mary Lee - UCL Headshot

Mary Lee

Lead Head & Neck Speech & Language Therapist

Roganie Govender - UCL Headshot

Dr Roganie Govender

Consultant Head & Neck Speech & Language Therapist

Jessica Harris - UCL Headshot

Jessica Harris

Lead Head & Neck Specialist Dietitan

Florence Cook - UCL Headshot

Florence Cook

Senior Specialist Dietitian

Kate Glen - UCL Headshot

Kate Glen

Senior Specialist Dieitian

Gopi - UCL Headshot

Dr Gopinath Gnanasegaran

Consultant, Nuclear Medicine

Simon Morley Headshot

Dr Simon Morley

Consultant Radiologist

Associate Professors
Clare SChilling Headshot

Ms Clare Schilling

Consultant Surgeon, OMFS

Mr Nick Hamilton_Headshot

Mr Nick Hamilton

Consultant Laryngologist and ENT Surgeon