UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Silver Sustainability Awards

10 June 2019

The Division has been awarded two Silver Sustainability awards for our laboratories and office spaces. We were also nominated for a UCL Sustainability Special Award.

The awards- two plants

The Awarding panel said: "The Green Surgery Team worked with the Head of Department to embed sustainability into existing labs which were being redesigned to double the occupancy. The efforts of the lab technicians were echoed by the campus administrators, extending the spirit of sustainability and the good practices seamlessly across the working environment."

Sustainability Lead, Anne Vanhoestenberghe, added:"After securing a silver award for one lab (Royal Free) and one area of offices (CBH) in 2018, the sustainability team for the Division of Surgery decided to work on sharing the good practices across the sites of the Division (we are split across three buildings).  This year all our labs submitted a joint evaluation, and the same was done for the offices on our three locations.  We did this by working as a team, with staff (academics, technical and administrative) from across the three sites taking part.

In particular, we made the most of the redevelopment of one of our buildings, to redesign the labs on site, and the way we work in them, which is what the Special Award nomination highlights. This was a team effort, and moving forward we will seek to sustain the momentum by increasing the engagement from everyone in the Division."