UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Happy first birthday to Cancer Research Demystified!

10 June 2019

Dr Susan Heavey and Dr Hayley Pye have been dipping their toes in the world of science communication, through the CRD YouTube channel, which turned one this month.

Video still from CRD

To date CRD has released 27 videos aimed at a lay audience, covering topics around research for new diagnostics, treatments, technologies and concepts. They’ve interviewed divisional staff and students, shown what happens to donated patient samples, and even busted a few pervasive cancer myths along the way. More recently, they’ve been using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under the same name to demystify their world, offering a mix of news, information and a light hearted look at life in research. Please help them to get the word out to patients, supporters, families and friends and let them know your requests for new content! If you would like some business cards, flyers or posters for your clinic/notice board please let them know at cancerresearchdemystified@gmail.com.

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