UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


ESVS Spring Meeting

31 May 2017

The European Society for Vascular Surgery Spring Meeting was held in Leiden on 19-20 May. This year, the quality of the work was very high. UCL/ Royal Free was very well represented with 3 presenters competing for the best oral presentation:

Francesca Donadoni from the Department of Mechanical Engineering presented on ‘Using patient-specific, multi-scale modelling to understand neointimal hyperplasia in peripheral vascular grafts’; 

Jun Hon Pang, Division of S & IS, presented his work on ‘Development of a pro-healing vascular stent coating incorporating antibody stem cell capture technology’; and 

Sarah Lewis, Division of S & IS, presented on ‘The functional influence of ischaemic myotube exosomes on the regenerative potential of myoblasts’.

Sian See Tan, Division of Medicine; Matt Bartlett, Division of S & IS and Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Hannah Williamson, Royal Free Hospital presented posters. 

All our presenters had fantastic feedback and demonstrated the breadth of our work. Sarah Lewis won the best oral presentation prize and Hannah Williamson was runner up for the best poster presentation prize. 

We hope to have a strong presence next year when the meeting will be in Frankfurt, including work arising from the new UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering vascular flagship programme.