UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine MSc Connect Day & Summer School

31 July 2017

The Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine MSc course has been running since 2009/10 and this year we’ll have over 200 graduates.

The course continues to have a close relationship with the translational research within the Division especially in the fields of nanomedicine, biomaterials and regenerative medicine. Indeed 55 of our graduates have gone on to complete PhDs at UCL and at least 8 have become Post-doctoral scientists. We’re very proud of being a part of these students careers and in their journey to becoming independent researchers. A number of changes to the course and teaching staff, including the increased involvement of our in teaching on the MSc programme (and in doing so obtaining Associate Fellowships in Higher Education), this is something that we’d very much like to encourage in the future.

The modules on the course have been adopted by a number of other programmes across UCL and modified versions are now delivered in UG programmes and (for the first time in 2017) a Nanomedicine Summer School.  To continue the success of the course we will be holding a connect day on August the 4th, whereby students who have been offered a place on the course in 2017/18  (or still thinking of applying) can come to a look round the facilities and ask questions about the programme/admissions process.

Thank you to all our Division staff and the students for making this course such a success.