UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


£2m Innovate UK-MoST grant awarded to innovative UCL osteoarthritis treatment partnership in China

31 January 2017

An interdisciplinary UCL team, in collaboration with Oxford MEStar Ltd and Partners in China, has secured a £2m Innovate UK-MoST grant to develop novel osteochondral scaffold technology for early intervention of osteoarthritis. 

This co-ordinated project aims to establish a new UK-China collaboration to translate this novel osteochondral scaffold technology into clinical benefits for early intervention of osteoarthritis. The new scaffold technology can be used clinically in a one-step surgical procedure for treatment of large osteochondral defects. As a result, the quality of life of individuals with osteochondral defects, which lead to osteoarthritis (OA) will be improved allowing a pain free, more active lifestyle.

This project addresses the challenges in OA treatment by providing a novel affordable osteochondral scaffold technology for early intervention of OA to delay or avoid the need for joint replacement operations. “We are confident our scaffold technology has the potential to address this unmet clinical need”, says Dr Liu who leads the project. “we have shown it has the strength needed to bear the physical load of the joints and it patented biomedical structure encourages consistent cartilage fill and a smooth articular surface. We are very happy with the achievement.”

The project will begin on 1 April 2017.