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Divisional project changes national policy

31 January 2017

New national policy by The UK Ethics Committee Authority (UKECA) means that anyone applying to a Research Ethics Committee (REC) to collect and store human tissue samples as a research tissue bank will be expected to register on the UKCRC Tissue Directory as a condition of favourable opinion. Registration will also be a condition of the five-year renewal of the ethical opinion. 

2016 has seen the launch of the national tissue directory, which aims to capture the UK’s human sample collection capabilities and prevent duplication of effort.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre, the UK’s national Biobanking Centre, is based in the Division of Surgery & Interventional Science at UCL. The Centre, which is funded by a consortium of medical research funders, aims to coordinate UK biobanking activities.

This news is an important step in a wider initiative to enable sharing of samples and data within research. Visit the website  or sign up to the mailing list to find out more.

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