UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Farewell Mark Cranmer

28 September 2016

A message from our Division Director, Professor Vivek Mudera

A graduate of UCL in 2001, after an 11 year stay at Imperial College London, Mark returned to the fold in October 2012 after being appointed as Division Manager in Surgery & Interventional Science.

Working with two Directors during his time in the Division, Mark has led a number of projects that have revolutionised our operations and helped to deliver one of the best balanced and most financially stable Divisions at UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences. His work has spanned all aspects of the Division and together with overseeing the Division’s first Athena Swan award in 2014 and helping to set up new MSc programmes, he worked closely with the Directors and HoD’s to plan and develop Stanmore’s new Bioengineering hub project, refurbishment of Charles Bell house and has supported the recruitment of over 20 academic posts.  

Early work managing the REF exercise during 2013 and in implementing a new academic structure across our three sites has had a long lasting positive effect on the Divisions finances and research strength. Further, managing two restructures of the Professional Services teams during 2013 and 2014, together with the addition of the Marketing and Campus Administration roles, he has also helped to underpin our core activities in delivering efficient and effective support teams. 

Professor Mark Emberton, former Director of the Division and current Dean of FMS said, “I would like to add my thanks to Mark for not avoiding the more difficult decisions and taking on some of the more challenging management issues that had been ignored for some time.  It was a privilege to watch him in action as he was always fair, led by example, followed UCL process to the letter, communicated well and, possibly most importantly, had the stamina to last the course - as some of these processes lasted years.  I have learnt a lot from his approach. I wish him well in his new position at St George’s”.

Mark Cranmer has left behind a legacy with a balanced portfolio of research and education. Mark’s great talent was in managing and meeting Faculty requirements while nurturing the Division’s talent and interests across three sites and complex translational research themes. The infrastructural support that Mark has established to allow such complexity to flourish is a tribute to his talents as was his succession planning.

Mark’s excellent work with the Division has earned him the role of Director of the Research and Enterprise Office at St George's University and NHS Trust. He will be sorely missed in the Division and we wish him every success at St Georges.