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Newly released breast cancer cookbook by Professor Mohammed Keshtgar

6 October 2015


Having become increasingly convinced that diet and lifestyle play a part in the development of breast cancer, Professor Mohammed Keshtgar was motivated to write The breast cancer cookbook.

The book takes you through the risk factors and discusses the foods that can play a positive role in the prevention and treatment of breast caner, including fruit, vegetables and phytoestrogens. Advice on ‘foods to eat more of’, ‘foods to eat in moderation’, and ‘foods to avoid’ is provided, with suggestions for easy ways to incorporate the most beneficial foods in everyday eating. The book includes over 100 simple recipes, especially created to take in all the dietary considerations linked to breast cancer.

Changes in dietary patterns are not only related to a reduction in the risk of developing breast cancer, there is also evidence to suggest that breast cancer reoccurrence rates are reduced and survival improved when patients diagnosed and treated for breast cancer adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Professor Mohammed Keshtgar wrote the book based on the latest research, with his team of experts; Registered Nutritionist, Dr Clair Robertson and Dr Miriam Dwek, Group Leader of Breast Cancer Research Unit at the University of Westminster. Recipes contained within the book were written by Emily Jonzen, a creative cookery writer specialising in healthy eating.