UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


BMJ Innovation Award Winners!

7 May 2015


Huge congratulations to Hash Ahmed and the team for winning the BMJ Innovation Team of the Year award at the awards ceremony on 6 May at the Park Plaza in London.

The judges commented that the innovations UCL and UCLH had made in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer were a high impact, disruptive approach that could have a significant global impact. The benefits were clear in terms of outcomes (including patient experience) and costs.

The team's novel approach impacted men’s lives in a positive way, negating the need for an undignified and painful process in many cases and the judges commended the team’s ambition for their approach to become standard clinical practice worldwide over the next five years and looked forward to seeing this becoming reality. 

At the heart of the team's approach is better diagnosis. “Prostate cancer historically has been the only solid cancer that relied on random biopsies for diagnosis,” said Hash, whose work recently featured in a new video for the division. “They have been taken through the back passage with no knowledge of the cancer location. Bleeding, pain, and life threatening infections can occur, and the random needle deployment leads to 30% of cancers being missed and indolent cancers detected by chance.”

Everyone at the division is over the moon with the news and the achievement. You can read more about the award in the winners booklet, here.