UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


EPSRC Major Grant Award for Transformational Approaches to Improving Hearing Aid Technology

1 June 2015


A UCL and Brunel collaborative team has been awarded an EPSRC grant to develop novel acoustic sensors for the future generation of artificial cochlea implants. 

A multidisciplinary team led by Dr Wenhui Song, UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Gale, Dr Hassan Zabalawi and Prof Shakeel Saeed, UCL Ear Institute, Dr Xiao Liu, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Dr Antonio Vilches and Mr Thomas Maltby, School of Engineering, Design and Physical Science, Brunel University, aims to develop piezo-nanofibre based acoustic device through nanomaterials, engineering and tissue engineering approaches.  

The new type of the sensors will have the potential to make future hearing aid or implant devices with better performance, biocompatibility, self-powering or low-power demand, thereby revolutionising hearing aid techniques. An £870K grant funded by EPSRC will support four postdoctoral researchers in this multi-disciplinary project that joins together three UCL Faculties and two London Universities.