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UCL's Dr Hashim Ahmed on Channel 4 programme Curing Cancer Wednesday 15th October 10pm

7 October 2014

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. From that life-changing moment the race is on to find a successful treatment before the disease gets too far. With unprecedented access to the new Macmillan Cancer Centre at University College Hospital Curing Cancer, a Cutting Edge film, follows four patients taking part in trials of some of the most advanced cancer treatments in the world.

Dennis, Debra, Jeffery and Pete are all facing the future with trepidation, but they have all agreed to take part in ground-breaking trials aimed at improving the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. Made by BAFTA winning director, Brian Woods this film compassionately follows treatments from lab to ward and tells the story of the anxiety of diagnosis, the joy of success and the desperation of a last chance clinical trial. Philosophical about how cancer changes lives, but also fascinating in terms of what it reveals about new treatments coming through, this film is a sensitive and optimistic insight into the realities of living with cancer.

Jeffery fears he has prostate cancer, there’s a family history of the disease. Diagnosis of prostate cancer can be hit and miss, with a chance of false results from traditional biopsies. Jeffery decides to take part in a trial of a new diagnostic process. It should mean that when his consultant, Hashim Ahmed delivers the news, it will be with more certainty.

Watch the trailer: goo.gl/0HSqIG