UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Commendation for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare

10 December 2014

Health Care Awards

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore was shortlisted for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare in this year's Health Business Awards.

On Thursday 4th December, Iva Hauptmannova (RNOH), Professor Allen Goodship (UCL) and Dr Jemma Kerns (UCL) attended the awards ceremony.  The RNOH were awarded a commendation for its contribution to healthcare.  The hospital was nominated for the award for the following reasons:

" The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust provides the most comprehensive range of neuro-musculoskeletal health care in the UK, and has been ranked as one of the best 100 places to work by Health Service Journal.  RNOH partnered with University College London and the Science and Technology Facilities council to develop a new technique for osteoarthiritis screening, an intergrated patient pathway which delivers improved pre- and post-opertative care and has also helped to transform patient experience. "

A recent example of the strong partnership with RNOH and IOMS, UCL is seen in the nomination and award of commendation for outstanding achievement in health care. This highlighted the successful EPSRC funded project on the use of Raman Spectroscopy as a novel method to assess the chemistry of bone in patients with specific types of bone disease and degeneration. The successful outcomes of this project in terms of scientific papers and public engagement and patient involvement have only been possible through the development of a strong multi disciplinary team from staff of the two organisations. We should be happy to discuss the project and any interest in beconming involved with the study at any time thorugh Communications at RNOH, Professor Allen Goodship mailto:goodship@rvc.ac.uk UCL,

Dr Jemma Kerns UCL mailto:j.kerns@ucl.ac.uk, Ms Jackie Vinton RNOHmailto:jacqueline.vinton@rnoh.nhs.uk and Iva Hauptmannova RNOH mailto:iva.hauptmannova@rnoh.nhs.uk