UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Advantages of incorporating your CPD under the UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

If you want to run a CPD course, using the UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science to badge the course as a UCL course it can bring significant advantages.

Running a CPD course can be a lot of work and can be challenging on your own. Our Division provides support and brings expertise in making your CPD run professionally and efficiently. This is a service offered not only to UCL & UCLH staff but we also help to run courses with external institutions who wish to form affiliations with UCL.

The knowledge and experience that the CPD team have from delivering previous successful CPD events across different surgical specialities will help you plan and deliver your course and will make sure you have all bases covered. This is suitable for UCL members of staff, UCLH clinicians and non UCL staff in surgical-related specialities. Whether you want to run a small local course or a large international course, there is an option for you.

For any enquiries if you wish to run a CPD course under the umbrella of the UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences, please contact DSIS.CPD@ucl.ac.uk. For other key contacts click here.

Here are some of the reasons why using the Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences to badge the course as a UCL course is a good idea:

1. Focus

We will help you focus your efforts in the right areas and will ensure all aspects of the course are appropriately covered

2. Budgeting

Our Finance team will help to ensure that you have costed your course appropriately and to help guide you on how much you need to run it

The Finance team can help coordinate payment for services required for the course

3. Rooms

The Division has access to specific rooms which may be used for your course

They have knowledge of which may be the best rooms for your course given your requirements

4. Admin support

The Division has dedicated members of staff who can help in the run up to the course (e.g. deal with queries from potential participants), in the provision of course materials (e.g. help with printing, stationary, course folders) and on the days of the event (e.g. helping with smooth running of the event on the day).

5. Online shop

One of the best things about the UCL umbrella for badging CPD is that it allows an online shop to be set up where future participants can confirm and pay for the course. This reduces administrative burden on yourself and allows you to check in real-time how many subscriptions you have.

6. Advertising

UCL Life learning will set up a dedicated portal for advertising your course on the website which allows interested participants to have a look at details of your course

7. Reputation

Badging your course with the UCL umbrella gives it the reputation of a world-class university and official UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences Certificates for attendees

8. Contracts

With some services, contracts or sponsorship agreements may be required

The Division has some ready-made templates for this

9. Equipment

Some surgical skills courses may require specific equipment and storage facilities

The Division can help with sourcing or providing specific equipment and storage options

10. Northwick Park

Northwick Park is the only site in the UK that can provide the opportunity to operate on live anaesthetised animals.