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You're never too young for science

We invited 10-year-old prodigy Marc Guernion for a week's experience at our Aspire Create labs in 2018. He tells us what blew his mind and why he'd like to come back in the future.

Mark trying the haptic feedback

1 September 2018

My name is Marc, and during the week, I have experienced many interesting things that have blown my mind - like the time I used the haptic robot. It was amazing how you could pretty much feel the things on the screen.

After that, I used a virtual reality headset and the haptic robot to feel and see in 3D a hip bone. That was my favourite thing I did.

On the Monday, I completed three projects using something called Arduino. This lets you make a code and circuit which can make lights flash, create a fortune teller or lock and unlock a box.

The next day, I brought in a robot called Cozmo and with my mentor Tijana we coded him to do something that would help people with dementia to remember to take their pills at a certain time of the day.

On Wednesday, I did another project on Arduino and I fixed the project with Cozmo.

The day after, I worked on one last project, and I explored the labs and the hospital which was very interesting.

On the last day, I took apart a PC to see what was inside and I 3D-printed a bone with my name engraved in it.

It was a very fun experience and if I had stayed for longer there would be many other things I would explore and have fun with. I think I will come again when I am older.

I would definitely recommend having work experience at Aspire Create!

Mark at CREATe