UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Research Staff

Research Department of Targeted Intervention

Research AssociateDr Hayley Pye09135h.pye@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Research NurseRebecca Jane Scott0207 679 9089rebecca.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Research AssociateDr Norman Williams0207 679 9278norman.williams@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Patricia De Winter p.winter@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Susan Heavey s.heavey@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Training FellowDr Durayd Alzoubaidi d.alzoubaidi@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Research AssociateDr Anna Butcher a.butcher@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Training FellowDr Wei Shen Tan wei.tan@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Training Fellow NIHRDr Mohammed Miah  
Clinical Training FellowDr Veerappan Kasivisvanathan veeru.kasi@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Hayley Luxton h.luxton@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Research AssociateMr Vasilis Stavrinides v.stavrinides@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Research AssociateDr Lina Carmona Echeverria l.echeverria@ucl.ac.uk
Trials CoordinatorJack Grierson j.grierson@ucl.ac.uk
Trials Coordinator Nicholas Roberts nick.j.roberts@ucl.ac.uk
Administrative officerCinzia Baldini c.baldini@ucl.ac.uk
Director of OperationsChris Brew-Graves c.brew-graves@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Clinical Operations ManagerIngrid Potyka i.potyka@ucl.ac.uk
Trials CoordinatorRachel Sarpong r.sarpong@ucl.ac.uk
Trials CoordinatorMarisa Chau m.chau@ucl.ac.uk
Trials CoordinatorBina Shah bina.shah@ucl.ac.uk
Trials CoordinatorDaryl Hagan daryl.hagan.16@ucl.ac.uk
Associate Operations ManagerNeil McCartan n.mccartan@ucl.ac.uk

Research Department of Surgical Biotechnology

TAPb ManagerDr Amir Gander0207 794 0500 Ext: 68090a.gander@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Research FellowDr Bala Ramesh0207 794 0500    ext. 68094b.ramesh@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssistantMiss Cheryl Gui Zhen Teoh gui.teoh.11@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Elnaz Yaghani 0207 794 0500 Ext: 68102elnaz.yaghini@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Katerina Stamati0207 794 0500 Ext: 68114k.stamati@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssistantMr Lawrence Best0207 794 0500 
Research AssociateDr Yasmin Rafiei0207 794 0500 y.rafiei@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDong Zhang 0207 794 0500d.zhang@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Rijan Gurung rijan.gurung.10@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Tao Wang t.wang@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssistantMarym Mohammad Hadi marym.hadi.16@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Ahmed Aied a.aied@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Noora Naghavi n.naghavi.09@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Patricia De Albuquerque Garcia Redondo p.redondo@ucl.ac.uk
Project ManagerDr Emma Lawrence e.lawrence@ucl.ac.uk

Research Department of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science

PositionNameTelephone Email
Research AssociateDr John Churchwell  j.churchwell@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateRoberta Ferro De Godoy  r.godoy@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Harry Hothi0208 420 6452 rejahho@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssistantRita Cardoso Ramalhete  r.ramalhete@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateSarah Ajami  sara.ajami@ucl.ac.uk
Research AsscociateDr Yen-Wen Cheng  yenwen.cheng.14@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Vee San Cheong  v.cheong@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssistantMiss Tijana Jevtic Vojinovic  t.jevtic@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Henry Lancashire  h.lancashire@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical Training FellowDr Alexander Liddle  a.liddle@ucl.ac.uk
Principal Clnical Research FellowDr Richard Meeson  r.meeson@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateMr Michael Mentink  m.mentink@ucl.ac.uk
Research Associate Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah  a.rastegarpanah@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateMrs Anita Sanghani-Kerai  a.sanghani.12@ucl.ac.uk
Research AssociateDr Maryam Tamaddon  m.tamaddon@ucl.ac.uk
 Research AssociateDr Fjodors Tjulkins  f.tjulkins@ucl.ac.uk