UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Academic Staff

Research Department of Targeted Intervention 

Professor of Uro-OncologyProfessor John Kelly j.d.kelly@ucl.ac.uk
Principal Clinical Teaching FellowDr Courtney Kipps0207 679 6248c.kipps@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Gastroenterology and BiophotonicsProfessor Laurence Lovat09060l.lovat@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Vascular SurgeryMr Toby Richards0207 679 6454toby.richards@ucl.ac.uk
Principal Clinical Teaching FellowDr Eleanor Tillett0207 679 6248e.tillett@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical ReaderDr Caroline Moore caroline.moore@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Surgery and OncologyProf Jayant Vaidya jayant.vaidya@ucl.ac.uk
Reader in Cancer BiologyDr Hayley Whitaker hayley.whitaker@ucl.ac.uk
Teaching Fellow in Performing ArtsDr Hara Trouli hara.trouli@ucl.ac.uk
Principal Clinical Teaching FellowDr Bhavesh Kumar bhavesh.kumar@ucl.ac.uk

Research Department of Surgical Biotechnology 

Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell Immunobiology & Regenerative Medicine
Dr Ashleigh Boyd
0207 794 0500 ext. 68091a.boyd@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell and Regenerative BiologyDr Massimiliano Cerletti m.cerletti@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Nanotechnology & BiomaterialsDr Brian Cousins brian.cousins@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Renal CancerMiss Maxine Tran0207 794 0500 Ext: 68121m.tran@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of HPB & Liver Transplant SurgeryProfessor Brian Davidson0207 794 0500 ext. 68096b.davidson@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Surgical SciencesProfessor Barry Fuller0207 794 0500 ext. 68095b.fuller@ucl.ac.uk
Reader in SurgeryDr Kurinchi Gurusamy0207 794 0500 ext. 68116k.gurusamy@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Nanotechnology & Regenerative MedicineDr Gavin Jell0207 431 4934 ext. 68106g.jell@ucl.ac.uk
Professor in Cancer NanotechnologyDr Marilena Loizidou0207 794 0500 ext. 68119m.loizidou@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Anaesthesia & Critical Care MedicineDr Daniel Martin daniel.martin@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Photochemistry & PhotobiologyProfessor Sandy MacRobert0207 794 0500 Ext: 68129a.macrobert@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Cancer NanotechnologyDr Kate Ricketts k.ricketts@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in BiomaterialsDr Wenhui Song0207 794 0500 ext. 68130w.song@ucl.ac.uk
Academic Clinical ConsultantMiss Janice Tsui janice.tsui@ucl.ac.uk
Teaching FellowDr Hazel Welch0207 794 0500 ext. 68124h.welch@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Targeted TherapeuticsDr Nikolitsa Nomikou n.nomikou@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical LecturerMr Mohammad Eddama m.eddama.12@ucl.ac.uk

Research Department of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science 

Professor of Skeletal Tissue DynamicsProfessor Helen Birch02080168577h.birch@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Biomedical EngineeringProfessor Gordon Blunn0208 909 5427g.blunn@ucl.ac.uk
Aspire LecturerDr Tom Carlson0208 385 3048t.carlson@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Tissue Engineering, Graduate Tutor for the DivisionDr Umber Cheema0208 909 5746 / 5116u.cheema@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Trauma and OrthopaedicsMr Andy Goldberg OBE0208 909 5125andrew.goldberg@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Clinical OrthopaedicsProfessor Alister Hart0208 909 4847 / 5847a.hart@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical EngineeringDr Chaozong Liu0208 016 8578chaozong.liu@ucl.ac.uk
Professor of Education and Musculoskeletal EngineeringProfessor Vivek Mudera0208 909 5572 / 0208 108 2396v.mudera@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Biomedical EngineeringDr Catherine Pendegrass0208 954 0636c.pendegrass@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in OrthopaedicsDr Stephen Taylor0208 420 7066 / 0208 385 3789s.taylor@ucl.ac.uk
Aspire LecturerDr Anne Vanhoestenberghe02080168581a.vanhoestenberghe@ucl.ac.uk
Aspire Senior LecturerDr Rui Vicente Loureiro02080168580r.loureiro@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Cellular EngineeringDr Deepak Kalaskar02080168101d.kalaskar@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Musculoskeletal BioengineeringDr Alvena Kureshi a.kureshi@ucl.ac.uk
Lecturer in Musculoskeletal BioengineeringDr Darren Player d.player@ucl.ac.uk