Super-resolution Imaging at UCL

*News: March 13th has marked the opening of the New Super-Resolution Facility (SuRF) at UCL. We have celebrated this day with a symposium featuring influential talks on super-resolution microscopy from leading figures in the field such as the nobel prize laureate Dr. Eric Betzig.*

Super-resolution imaging allows the imaging of fluorescently labelled probes at a resolution of just tens of nanometers, surpassing classic light microscopy by at least one order of magnitude. Recent advances such as the development of photo-switchable fluorophores, high-sensitivity microscopes and single-molecule localisation algorithms make super-resolution imaging rapidly accessible to the wider life sciences research community. 


At UCL we are currently taking a multidisciplinary effort to provide researchers access to super-resolution imaging systems. The Super-Resolution Facility (SuRF) currently features commercial systems supporting the PALM/STORM, SIM and STED super-resolution approaches. 

In combination, UCL researchers are also developing experimental systems featuring the bleeding edge of super-resolution technology or prototyping next-generation advances in the field. 


Super-resolution at UCL is supported by the MRC Next generation Optical Imaging award. 


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