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Staying in Touch

Staying in touch

It is essential that you keep in touch with your department and the Study Abroad Team here at UCL, and that you check your UCL email account regularly.

Respond to departmental and Study Abroad Team requests for information as soon as possible and, in the case of work assignments, by the deadlines set.

If you do experience difficulties of any kind while abroad, no matter how small, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact your Study Abroad Tutor or the Study Abroad Team for help and advice.

Keeping your UCL email account active

All correspondence from your department and the Study Abroad Team will be sent via your UCL email address. It is important that you regularly log in to your account to keep it active.

Accounts that are left dormant for too long are frozen and passwords will only be re-issued over the phone if you have already registered for the User Authentication System. To register, please follow the instructions on the UCL ISD website here.

Otherwise, if you need to re-activate your account, please contact the IS Helpdesk on +44 20 7679 5000. A password can then be sent out to a specified address.

Your contact details abroad

Let your friends and family, and anyone else who needs to know, have your address and telephone number abroad as soon as possible.

You are required to provide UCL with accurate details of where you are living and how you can be contacted and to notify us of any subsequent change in these details.

You should keep these details up to date on Portico.

Drop us a line

We really hope that you are enjoying your time abroad, and we would love to hear how you are getting on.

Please feel free to send us your photos and news throughout the year, or add them to the UCL Study Abroad Flickr group.