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As students currently abroad, you now know how valuable the personal insights of other students can be when you are making decisions about your year abroad. To help bring this to others, we hope that you will join us in the autumn term at some of our events for outgoing students. You may be asked by your department to participate in briefing meetings for 2nd year students, or you may be invited to assist at our annual Study Abroad Fair, held in October, which will give you a chance to represent your institution abroad to other prospective study abroad students. 

Your contribution is always appreciated, as there is no one better placed to relate first-hand experiences of the year abroad - your feedback may well help to give other students the courage and enthusiasm to take part in the programme. Your overseas uni will also appreciate you helping to raise their profile and encourage more students to join them! 

If you can't commit to being an adviser, we are also looking for people to contribute photographs, reports and articles for our website, so please get in touch if you would like to help us out.

For more information, or to contribute, please contact the Study Abroad Team.