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This year we are excited to launch the UCL Study Abroad Blog and Vlog. Twelve UCL students abroad will be blogging their experiences throughout the year, and nine others have been sent GoPros to show us what life is like across the world! From the United States to Hong Kong, from Germany to Australia and from Russia to Ecuador you can read and watch how these students are making the most of their study abroad. For students considering going abroad as part of their degree, this is your chance to gain a glimpse of what opportunities await you. Click on a continent below to see content specific to that region or scroll down the page to see the latest updates from our students. We will be releasing new content every week so check back regularly!

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Weekend Trip to Siberia

If you’re still looking for ideas on how to beat the January blues, how about a dog sledding weekend in Siberia? Expect frozen eyelashes and seeing lions on the way too (yes lions!).

The Art Of Slowing Down

In his second blog, we catch up with Pablo who is living his best life in Santa Cruz, California.

Living in Copenhagen - Daily Routine

Still in Europe, we move up to Denmark where we catch up with Lindsay, who in his second vlog talks about Copenhagen and his daily routine. Snoozing, coffee and walks to and around the Black Diamond library are on his list. 


Our first blog this year comes from a guest blogger- Emma Farrell - who spent her first semester in Heidelberg, Germany, working as a language assistant. It is a throwback to her arrival in Heidelberg and the pleasant surprise that settling in has been easier than expected. 

On The Road (Again)

Sleeping under the stars, camel rides in the desert and swimming in the Red Sea. We catch up with Ruth from SELCS who continues to explore Jordan on her year abroad.

First Two Months in Russia

The first two moths in Russia have gone very quickly for Eleanor: a few trips outside Yaroslavl, first ice hockey game and lots of Russian food!

Travelling while Studying Abroad

At the start of her year abroad, Ji Yeon Lim challenged herself to visit 10 different countries. In her final Study Abroad vlog from 2017/18, let's see how she got on!

First days in Forli

No matter how difficult a new beginning may be, things will always work out in the end - this is what our student Tom Philips finds out in the first week of his Erasmus+ placement in Forli, Italy. 

UWA Campus Tour

In his second Study Abroad Vlog, Ben takes us on a campus tour at the University of Western Australia and discusses some of the differences between UCL and UWA!

From Bogotá to Hamburg

Moving abroad can bring a roller coaster of emotions. SELCS student Sara Cordovez tries to unpick these feelings as she is sitting in the airport lounge in her home city Bogotá, waiting to board the flight to her Erasmus+ destination, Hamburg. 

Summer Opportunities in Toronto

Over the summer of 2018, Clare and Shu En undertook research opportunities at the University of Toronto. Hear about their experiences in their penultimate Study Abroad Vlog!

Cashless Shanghai Shenanigans

Can you live a cashless life? In China, apparently you can! Louise Sieg, who is currently at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, shows us how easy it is to get around in Shanghai with just your phone!

Mexico City Blog 1: Scene-Setting

In her first blog, Natalie Russo who is studying at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México tries to unravel some of the details of the buzzing life in Mexico City. 

Day Trip to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is only 90 minutes from Toronto, so it's a must visit for any study abroad student based at the University of Toronto. In his first Study Abroad Vlog, Reuben does just that and takes us along for the ride!

Living abroad: new country, new challenges

Ben Cartwright, LLB Law with Hispanic Law student, talks about the first barriers he faces when moving to Madrid: language, absence of friends and... adjusting to the siesta! 

Welcome to Champaign-Urbana!

Our Civil Engineering student Isha Kulkarni, who also represented UCL at the One Young World summit in The Hague this summer,  welcomes us to Illinois and tells us about her first adventures in the USA! 

Waseda Campus Tour

In her second Study Abroad Vlog, Shosha takes us on a Waseda University campus tour! 

“Welcome to California!”

Pablo arrives in America for the start of his year abroad at the University of California. Read about his first impressions of Santa Cruz.

Copenhagen Vlog#1 - Moving In

Lindsay Heenan's choice to study Danish as part of his ESPS degree takes him to Copenhagen, Denmark! A questionable decision? We don't think so as he is having the greatest time!