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This year we are excited to launch the UCL Study Abroad Blog and Vlog. Twelve UCL students abroad will be blogging their experiences throughout the year, and nine others have been sent GoPros to show us what life is like across the world! From the United States to Hong Kong, from Germany to Australia and from Russia to Ecuador you can read and watch how these students are making the most of their study abroad. For students considering going abroad as part of their degree, this is your chance to gain a glimpse of what opportunities await you. Click on a continent below to see content specific to that region or scroll down the page to see the latest updates from our students. We will be releasing new content every week so check back regularly!

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April Adventures

Ji Yeon takes a short trip to the Netherlands and returns to Barcelona to celebrate another title for Barca!

Winter in Toronto

Clare and Shu En continue to explore and enjoy Toronto and provide tips on how to survive a Canadian winter!

Term Two Reflections

After a long Christmas break, Natalia looks back on her year abroad in Australia so far.

A Trip to the Amazon

Studying abroad opens up some incredible opportunities for our students. This time, Study Abroad Vlogger Jen spends a weekend visiting the Ecuadorian Amazon!

The Dunkirk Carnival

'Dunkirk was the unlikely theatre for the most zany festivities I’d never heard of.' Read on to find out more about Orlando's experiences at the Dunkirk Carnival!

Exploring Japan

Featuring hedghogs, sushi and hair dye, this months Study Abroad Vlog from Shem comes from a recent trip exploring Japan!

Rebirth in the North

Wildlife, course choices, Norway and Iceland - as the weather improves, George reflects on his second term studying abroad in Sweden.

Broadening Horizons

In her latest Study Abroad Blog, Natalia discusses course choices at the University of Queensland and broadening her horizons on her year abroad.

Moin Hamburg

After spending term one in Mexico, Emanuela heads to Germany for the second half of her year abroad. We join her as she settles into her new life in Hamburg.


Tancredi captures the arrival of Spring and the beautiful cherry blossom season in Japan.

A Last Minute Trip to Amsterdam

One of the benefits of studying in Europe is that there are so many nearby countries that are easy to get to. Shu-Hua heads off to Amsterdam for a last minute trip away. Check out the waffles!

Traveling in Asia

For many students, a huge benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to travel. In her latest blog, Charlotte discusses some of her recent travels from her base in Hong Kong.

A Rainy Day in Philadelphia

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. Max and friends brave the rain to take us on a whistle stop tour of Philly.

Food and Health

Diet and exercise can have an important influence on wellbeing. In her latest Study Abroad Vlog, Jen discusses Latin American food and keeping active in Ecuador.

Coffee, Chianti and Coursework

After term one studying abroad in Martinique, Jenni embarks on a new adventure for her second term abroad. Catch up with her latest blog as she settles into life in Florence.


Tancredi shares some moments from his year abroad in Japan.

Travelling in Berlin

In his latest Vlog, Theo discusses travelling in and around Berlin. If you will be studying abroad in Berlin in the future, this useful vlog will be a great start to your study abroad journey.