Student Support and Wellbeing videos

Videos from the Student Support and Wellbeing team to help you settle in to life at UCL and keep informed of the support available to you during your time with us.

UCL Student Support and Wellbeing - September 2020 

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#WeAreUCL - A message for the UCL community

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askUCL - Your student information hub

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Spotlight on... Support for disabled students

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Spotlight on... Opening a UK bank account

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Spotlight on... Getting to UCL from the airports 

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Spotlight on... Getting around London

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Spotlight on... Staying safe in London

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Spotlight on... Life at UCL with a hearing impairment

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Spotlight on... Life at UCL with autism

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Spotlight on... Life at UCL with a visual impairment

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Spotlight on... Life at UCL with ADHD

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Spotlight on... Life at UCL with dyslexia

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